Communicator, journalist, scriptwriter. Pere Pons is creativity, perception and reflection. He was born in Mallorca in 1992 and grew up in the beautiful town of Sóller, an idyllic place located in the Serra Tramuntana who was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site
back in 2011. A place that made him see the world with other eyes. A world full of culture, landscapes, different points of view and with people with stories to share.

Listening to people, willing to put an image to the stories people was telling, wanting to share all those unique and interesting thoughts with the rest of the world, wanting to show that there is not only one truth, this is what awoke his interest in images and writing.
In 2018 Pere was graduated in Journalism and Audiovisual Communication.

Nowadays, and after having worked in several communication cabinets and having realized different projects he has created its own brand: Pere Pons Comunicació I Audiovisuals. A company focused on telling good stories, giving the best of itself to others,
helping people to feel and transmit sensations and emotions, a company that constantly aims to demonstrate that everything depends on the point of view with which one sees things.

To reflect, to attract attention, to make others excited, is a challenge in the digital world we actually live. Although, each person spends an average of 50 days per year on the networks. Reaching them is the most challenging task in the digital age. That is the mission
of Pere Pons, to help these people to listen your stories, your ideas, to understand what you want to express to them, to discover your business, your company, your values and your brand.

Let’s tell your story to the world!